Our Story

B.A.B.E.S., “Beating Alzheimer’s by embracing Science”, was born out of the desire for those of us who share a kindred bond to create a way to make sense and meaning of all that we have experienced, and add a bit of joy and peacefulness along our journey.

Most of us come from families in which this insidious disease has changed the emotional landscape of our ancestors and possibly for generations to come. Some of us have been supportive friends and have shared the pain and sorrow that comes with loving another person. Some of us have experienced the devastating loss of financial resources and stability due to caregiving for someone with AD.

We have the power to continue the story, chapter by chapter, until no more can be written because the final chapter is complete, the prevention or cure has been found.

By embracing science, we are determined to no longer lose another generation to this disease and will do everything we can to raise funds and awareness for research. We will find joy in our kindred spirit…